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The American Delusion

I’m busy over on the Evangelicals for Social Action blog! I promise to get some original content going on over here soon. But until then, I am re-posting a conversation with my friend Shawn Casselberry that I initiated after reading his poem, The American Delusion. Read his poem and our conversation here.

Shawn and Jen Casselberry literally have the most comfortable couch in the entire world. I have slept on it. I slept like a NyQuil medicated baby with a fever. I need to get back to Chicago just to sleep on that couch. Their neighborhood also has amazing block parties and even though they are the “crazy” white people in the neighborhood, everyone still lets them come. Going to one is on my bucket list.


Check out Shawn’s poem. I would love to know what it evokes for you. And check out Mission Year – the amazing organization Shawn leads and that does urban ministry in a equity-filled, relationship building, life-changing way. And really, invest in a comfortable couch. It’s a blessing.

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