I want to write more, speak more, encourage more. I want to spend time developing my gifts and my voice, causing a holy disruption in our faith communities and neighborhoods in a sustainable, healthy and long-term way. I want to help people find their entry point to social justice and support faith and justice leaders already in the struggle to engage in self-care in community that gives them strength to keep going.

All of this work takes time, effort and resources. That’s where you come in. I need your help to engage in this faith fueled movement for justice. Is engaging justice only for those employed full-time by a large non-profit or business? Is protest and prophetic voice only for the young activist with few obligations, tenured professors or professional clergy with a backup check?

Or is there a different model, one of a missionary for justice sent by a broader community of faith, converting the world to more revolutionary love? Challenging the status quo doesn’t always pay the big bucks or come with a paycheck at all, but it is my story and my calling. As I journey, I will share stories and lessons – some wildly encouraging and others difficult to embrace. Will you come with me?

You are my community: Typically when you support someone’s work, you have no idea who the other supporters are unless you go to some fancy fundraiser and all end up in the same room. Pure Charity gives us the opportunity to create a community of Creative Extremists for Love where you can see other supporters and even join a pilgrimage together.

I invite you to join me with a monthly donation, one time donation or support of a specific project. I appreciate any amount along with your prayers, encouraging words and friendship! Donations are tax-deductible and secure.